Cheevit Cheeva, an international-style Thai dessert cafe.

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Cheevit Cheeva, an international-style Thai dessert cafe.

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When Thai desserts are included in Bingsu @ Cheevit Cheeva (Chivasewa), a cafe for lovers of desserts decorated in minimal style. Warm atmosphere Soft with a sweet, fragrant flavor Surrounded by pastel colors and desserts served in a beautiful dish. Cheevit Cheeva fine desserts are a famous cafe imported from Chiang Mai. Focus on dessert menus, especially Bingsu, which is a signature that should not be missed Distinctive with a soft tongue. The most by creating Thai desserts in a modern way The famous dish is Salty Egg Yolk Bua-Loi Bingsu, homemade bingsu bualoy with salted egg sauce. Bingsu, a Thai heart that is worth taking the shutter Bualoy balls topping in beautiful colors The sweet taste is just right. Topped with salted egg sauce and rich coconut milk, fragrant, the shop's unique recipe Heaven for people who like to try new things, followed by the Feel no gray menu. Fragrant Thai tea New dimension of pearl tea, chewing pleasingly pleasing to teenagers

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Re: Cheevit Cheeva, an international-style Thai dessert cafe.

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