How to adjust food for nourishment Heart and blood vessels

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How to adjust food for nourishment Heart and blood vessels

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75% of Thais die from NCD or chronic non-communicable diseases such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. Doctors warn of behavior changes, lifestyle changes, nutrition, exercise To create good health and slotxo a long quality life.

Heart and blood vessels Vital organs of the body
Prof. Sergio Fazio, MD, Director of OHSU Cardiovascular Center, together with Dr. Nopparat. Phanthong Wiriyakun Internal Medicine Cardiologist Heart Prevention and Health Care Clinic BDMS Wellness Clinic provides knowledge and experience in a seminar on the topic of “Prevention of cardiovascular disease” is the heart, the hardest organ in the body. On average, the average person's heart rate is 60-80 beats per minute, equal to 86,400-115,200 beats per day, or 30-60 million beats per year. Cardiovascular health is therefore important for everyone and of all ages.

How to adjust food for nourishment "Heart and blood vessels"
The doctor recommends that Dietary adjustments can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease as follows:
In one meal of Thai people should increase the amount of steamed vegetables.

Reduce the amount of flour

Focus on non-abrasive such as brown rice.

Season with herbs instead of fish sauce or chili sauce, which are high in sodium.

Choose protein tofu, chicken breast or fish.

Avoid fried foods, fatty foods.

Eat the right amount of red meat.

Avoid fatty foods and dairy products.

In addition to food adjustments Should also make lifestyle changes, such as exercise and weight control To slow down the disease factor early