Strikes expected in Belarus after mass protests

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Strikes expected in Belarus after mass protests

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Strikes expected in Belarus after mass protests

New strikes CAPTAINS TREASURE are normal in Belarus following an end of the week which saw many
thousands rampage to request the flight of long haul President Alexander Lukashenko. Restriction
pioneers required the strikes as outrage developed over reports of police brutality just as supposed
survey fixing in the 9 August vote.

In any case, the president, who asserted an avalanche triumph, stays rebellious.

On Sunday, he approached supporters to safeguard their nation and autonomy. Nonetheless, dissidents
turned out in far bigger numbers, with neighborhood, free news site portraying the tranquil
showing as "the biggest throughout the entire existence of autonomous Belarus".

The rush of outrage has been ascending since the Central Election Commission said Mr Lukashenko,
who has been in power since 1994, won 80.1% of the vote and the primary resistance competitor
Svetlana Tikhanovskaya 10.12%.

Ms Tikhanovskaya demands that where votes were appropriately tallied, she won help going from 60%
to 70%. She left the nation after openly reviling the outcomes, joining her kids in Lithuania.

In the mean time, around 6,700 individuals have been captured in the wake of the political race,
and many have discussed torment because of the security administrations.

Laborers at state-run industrial facilities exited in solidarity with the nonconformists a week ago,
and more strikes are gotten ready for this week, pressing Mr Lukashenko, says the BBC's Kiev journalist,
Jonah Fisher.