Hundreds of years old Shiva temple was buried under sand dunes in India.

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Hundreds of years old Shiva temple was buried under sand dunes in India.

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The force of nature caused the currents to blow sand over the floods for nearly 100 years. Thewalai Sri Nakhonsuan Swami Hindu temples that are over 300 years old are re-discovered after villagers in Nellor area. Andhra Pradesh In eastern India, accidentally dug under a pile of sand by a river. The villagers discovered a small part Of Thewalai first, then asked the old people in the village Knowing that in the past the temple was beside the Panna river But this river was flooded to the point that the sand gradually accumulated Until the sand dunes flooded the entire Thewalai temple That is very tall After that, this place was submerged under a large sand dune, disappearing for 80 years until just discovered in June 2020, which, in addition to this Sri Sri Nakhasri Swami. There are 2 other temples that have been submerged under sand dunes built about 300 years ago as well.

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Re: Hundreds of years old Shiva temple was buried under sand dunes in India.

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Re: Hundreds of years old Shiva temple was buried under sand dunes in India.

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