"Cooked tomatoes" are more than or equal to eating raw.

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"Cooked tomatoes" are more than or equal to eating raw.

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Many kinds of fruits and เว็บสล็อตโรม่า vegetables Some are good to eat raw, others are more than cooked. The same goes for the tomatoes that many people prefer to eat them raw. Whether it's added to salads, papaya salads, or beautifully sliced ​​alongside fried rice.

But did you know that Tomatoes get the most benefit when we eat them only when they are cooked, such as those that are added to soups, etc. in order to get the full “lycopene”.

What is "Lycopene"?
Lycopene is the red substance found in tomatoes. Classified as a carotenoids group compound. (Carotenoids) one of 600 species of which 100 grams of fresh tomatoes will find lycopene in the amount from 0.9–9.30 grams

Lycopene is known as a nutrient that is very beneficial for health. Especially for skin care It also helps alleviate high blood pressure conditions. And reduce the level of fat in the blood that causes many chronic diseases. Including reports that Helps reduce the risk of developing cancers of various organs.

Fresh Tomatoes VS Boxed Tomato Juice Which one is more useful?
Why eat cooked tomatoes?
Reasons why the tomatoes should be heated until they are cooked first. This is because heat-treated tomatoes weaken the binding of lycopene to tomato tissue. Making lycopene better used by the body

In addition, heat and processes In the production of tomato products, lycopene is also transformed from "all-trans-isomers" lycopene to "cis -isomers), a type of lycopene. Better dissolve

Normally, the lycopene content of fresh tomatoes And the other fruits are not much different. But when fresh tomatoes were processed in the form of various tomato products, the lycopene content was much higher. As it is going through a more intensive process

For this reason, all Italian dishes, such as pizza, spaghetti, are flavored with sauces. Or a tomato paste product made from tomatoes It is a good source of lycopene as well.

Benefits of Lycopene
Protects the skin From studying the properties of carotenoids that include lycopene. It was found that carotenoids may help protect the skin from sun damage. Which often causes redness, itching and inflammation of the skin

Prevent cerebrovascular disease and coronary heart disease. Both diseases are chronic diseases that require ongoing treatment. And can cause complications that are life threatening

Protect against certain cancers Cancer is caused by a combination of risk factors, including damaged or weakened cells. Over the long term, these cells may be activated by certain factors and become cancerous. The carotenoids that contain lycopene can help reduce the risk of certain cancers, such as pancreatic, colon, rectal, pharyngeal, oral and breast cancer.