Flint resident Melissa Mays: 'Our hair fell out'

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Flint resident Melissa Mays: 'Our hair fell out'

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Ironically, Brockovich says she's never felt so positive about the future as she does now.

"I feel the tide is shifting. People are waking up to the problem." She believes the age of impunity allowing water contamination is over.

"When we prevailed on Hinkley it was rare, but you're seeing it more now" says Brockovich. "In Flint, Michigan those criminal charges went all the way to the now ex-governor, Rick Snyder. I hope leaders pay attention to that. You're not exempt from being held accountable."

England's future water supplies at 'serious risk'
US megadrought 'already under way'
1.9 billion people rely on natural 'water towers'
The title of her new book, Superman Isn't Coming: Our National Water Crisis and What We the People Can Do About It, suggests the authorities aren't flying to our rescue. pg

But according to Brockovich, people can and should get involved themselves. It's a lesson she's taken from Hinkley.

"People think they don't have a voice. But they do. Do your research. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Talk to a neighbour" says Brockovich.

"In Hinkley we started with Roberta Walker. Then I spoke to another neighbour. They had the same problems. None of what I'm doing moving forward will get done if we don't do this together."