5 chronic back pain You should know

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5 chronic back pain You should know

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Understanding the symptoms and causes of back pain Is important This is because one type of pain can lead to other pain and cause a myriad of problems in different body systems. Which joker gaming would recommend to everyone that This process causes a relapse of back pain. And can lead to Chronic back pain

When a patient visits a doctor for the first time to discuss back pain. In most cases, your doctor will recommend the same treatment that works for most cases. And begin a more advanced specialized treatment procedure And explain the methods of treatment in detail But actually, there are many different procedures for treating back pain. Means that the diagnosis is a hypothesis And more trial and error And especially if your back pain doesn't get better That might be a sign that you are having chronic back pain.

5 chronic back pain symptoms to watch out for

Muscle tearing symptoms
This is the most common cause. And causing acute low back pain in up to 95 percent of patients with acute low back pain. When the back muscles are used too much The muscles will twitch to prevent further injury. Spasms and pain are body warning signs that should not be ignored, but the advantage is that back pain caused by a torn muscle is mild. Able to respond to symptomatic treatment It takes about two to three days. Or a few weeks to heal

Although a muscle tear in most people is easy to treat. But this symptom can be the start of a bigger problem. Because if the symptoms of a muscle tear continue to occur May cause muscle injury And can lead to chronic back pain And if symptoms have a muscle tear for more than two weeks You should consider that This can be a sore muscle. Or is it a sign of a muscle trying to prevent injury?

Facet joint pain (Joints on the back of the spine)
Caused by inflammation of the joints. It is the second most common symptom. Causes back pain With this façade connected with the spine Which are the bones that line together around the spine

For patients with chronic back pain; The facet joints are the areas that cause early pain. Causing this pain to lead to chronic back pain This is the reason why patients with faaçe joint pain need to seek treatment for their symptoms before they develop chronic conditions.

Herniated disc symptoms
Is to move the back of two intervertebral discs In the direction approaching the spinal cavity Which causes back pain This symptom can be detected using an MRI test.

There are several types of herniated discs. And having the same treatment Herniated disc is the second most commonly diagnosed symptom. That is the cause that causes chronic back pain

Herniated disc pain down the leg to the crook
Herniated disc pain Reaching the crooked area (Discogenic Pain) caused by internal injury of the herniated disc Patients will experience pain from a herniated disc every time they move. Pain in herniated disc, down the leg to the crook, occurs in the middle of the back. By herniated disc pain that occurs It is similar to herniated discs and pain in the fastet spine joints. Therefore need to be examined thoroughly

Sacroiliac Joint Pain
Or hip pain spreading down the leg As the name suggests, this symptom occurs around the spine. Or in other words, where the spine is connected to the pelvis

The joint is surrounded by ligaments that prevent the joint from moving. When the spine is unstable Due to weak support muscles The body will replace it with a change in walking posture. To help maintain the stability of the spine Rather, it will tear or stretch the ligaments around the joint, causing the ligaments to be unable to hold the joint firmly. The symptoms may be caused by injury. Or hereditary But usually from unhealthy supporting muscles Leading to chronic back pain

When the patient is not properly diagnosed And not receiving proper treatment Or not understanding the development of chronic back pain Causing back pain to persist For this reason If the muscles that do the supporting function are not strong Will cause pain that continues to increase