Pregnant after breast cancer Is it possible and safe?

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Pregnant after breast cancer Is it possible and safe?

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People of all ages can develop breast cancer, which can be painful and painful. And create psychological pressure There are many people who raise the question of becoming pregnant after breast cancer. Will it be possible and safe? The ดาวน์โหลดjoker has sought out information to answer this question, along with other information. About this, let's read it together.

Can I get pregnant after I have breast cancer?
Treatment for each type of cancer It may affect a person's fertility, for example by chemotherapy. It can result in women being sterile. Because of the negative effects on the ovaries during treatment

Fortunately, many people are able to give birth to children after they are admitted. We advise you to inform your doctor about your plan to have children. Before starting breast cancer treatment

Is there an increased risk of breast cancer coming back from pregnancy?
We all know Breast cancer is linked to estrogen. This is the reason why people believe May return to breast cancer during pregnancy Because the body produces a lot of hormones during this period However, research has shown that Pregnancy does not increase your chances of relapse.

Likewise, breastfeeding will not increase your chances of recurrence of breast cancer. Those who are breastfeeding may be at a lower risk. To return to cancer again

When can I get pregnant after receiving breast cancer treatment?
The exact time has not been specified. But doctors will recommend patients with breast cancer. You should wait at least 2 years after the treatment is finished. Before the onset of pregnancy Keep in mind that Everyone's situation is different. And does not have a recommended recommended period confirmed by clinical trials. Your plan to get pregnant should depend on your age. The type of cancer, including the risk of it coming back

Mother has cancer Are children at risk?
There is no conclusive evidence that Early breast cancer cases had a direct impact on the fetus, and the researchers did not find the rate of congenital malformations. Or increasing long-term health problems in children Who had a mother who had had breast cancer in any way

But during pregnancy Mothers have to be treated for breast cancer. With the use of chemotherapy drugs Hormone therapy Or spot cancer treatment Can affect the fetus, so before the treatment is finished Don't get pregnant You should not stop treatment prematurely. In order to conceive as well But stopping treatment early Increases the risk of cancer growing faster Or come back to get cancer again

Is breastfeeding safe? After breast cancer treatment
After all treatments are done You can still breastfeed But breast surgery Or radiation Will cause you problems If your breasts go through any of these processes Breast cancer treatments may make you produce less milk. While plastic surgery will hurt you when the baby pulls your breasts,

On the other hand, if you are still taking medication Talk to your doctor about a breastfeeding plan. Because there are many kinds of drugs that can penetrate into breast milk And may affect children During lactation possible Mother should be careful and under close medical supervision.