China aimed at overseeing the US media. Hope to return the US to force the Chinese media.

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China aimed at overseeing the US media. Hope to return the US to force the Chinese media.

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Chinese government editor Global Times newspaper Hu Hu Jin said on Twitter @HXXJIN_GT that China will announce measures to control the US media operations in China. But did not provide additional information about the said measure, which is expected to be a retaliation measure for the United States

The movement is expected to be brought back to the United States. At the end of June, it was announced that another 4 Chinese media companies were "foreign missions" or "foreign missions" in accordance with the law, including the People's Republic of China (CCTV). All 4 media companies must submit information about employees and assets held in the United States.

The other 3 media affected by the measure are China News Service, China's second largest media, People's Daily, and the Chinese Communist Party official newspaper. And the Global Times tabloid newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party

Before that, in February, the United States announced through the media of the Chinese government of 5 people as a foreign representative as well.

This group includes Xinhua News Agency, China's global television network, CCTV network, foreign radio stations, China Radio, China Daily newspaper, and Hai Hai Development Company, USA, the distributor of The People Daily, the Chinese Communist Party newspaper.

"Foreign media" under the law on foreign assignments, this media group informs the US government of personnel currently active in the United States, including current property such as ownership or rental information and Must be approved by the US government Before buying new property

The United States and China have taken measures to retaliate against reporters. In May, the United States reduced the length of time required to obtain visas or approval documents on passports to Chinese journalists, often open-ended visas. While in March, China fired some US journalists out of the country. Before that, the United States reduced the number of Chinese journalists allowed to work in the United States.

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Re: China aimed at overseeing the US media. Hope to return the US to force the Chinese media.

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