US Senate passes laws on sanctions against China in Hong Kong Wait 'Trump' sign to enforce

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US Senate passes laws on sanctions against China in Hong Kong Wait 'Trump' sign to enforce

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The US Senate has voted in favor of passing a law on punishing banks that do business with officials related to security laws that China has just enforced with Hong Kong. And is a law that is seen to undermine Hong Kong's independence

The United States Senate has passed the law. After the House of Representatives voted in favor on Wednesday past. The next step is forwarding President Donald Trump to sign to enforce the law.

The US movement aims to show support for Hong Kong, which has just been enforced by Chinese security law. Which the US government considers to be a cruel law Due to violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Announced to the media on Wednesday that "Hong Kong used to be one of the stable cities Prosperity And the most dynamic in the world But now it is just another city that is ruled by the Communist regime. In which the people will be governed by the needs of the aristocratic group

The United States used to have Hong Kong special privileges that separate from China in various aspects such as customs duties and visa issues. This is the basis for Hong Kong's role as an attractive investment destination. And is an international financial center

But because China enforces national security laws in Hong Kong, which may destroy Hong Kong's freedom, the United States therefore began to abolish the privileges granted to Hong Kong.

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