Nagaland dog meat: animal rights groups call for ban as 'An important turning point'

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Nagaland dog meat: animal rights groups call for ban as 'An important turning point'

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The Nagaland State of India has banned the import, trade, and sale of dog meat in motion by animal rights activists.

State government in the northeast region announces a ban after a sustainable campaign by animal welfare groups.

They praised the decision as "An important turning point" in ending dog cruelty in India

But some civil society groups criticize the ban, calling it a raid on food customs in the state.

Eating dog meat is illegal in some parts of India. But some communities in the northeast area consider it a delicacy.

The government does not reveal more details about how to enforce the ban.

Indian media said the ban came after an image of a dog tied in a sack in a bazaar was widely distributed on social media, causing anger.

The group urges Nagaland's government to immediately enforce the ban on dog meat sales.

FIAPO is one of many animal rights organizations, including people for ethical treatment of animals (PETA), to spearhead the campaign against dog meat sales in Nagaland.

The Humane Society International (HSI), which has been campaigning for ending the dog meat trade in India for many years, is welcomed by the government of Nagaland.

Approximately 30,000 dogs per year are smuggled into Nagaland, where they are sold in fresh markets and "Beat to death with golf clubs" according to the HSI report.

Earlier this year, Mizoram began taking steps to end the sale of dogs by amending the law to remove them from the list of animals suitable for slaughter.

Although not widespread But dog eating also occurs in other countries, including China, South Korea and Thailand.

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