Viruses make the Spanish islands to throw off party images.

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Viruses make the Spanish islands to throw off party images.

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Usually in June the beaches of Majorca, Ibiza and the small islands of Spain are busy with foreign tourists.

This year has just started with a group of more than 5,000 Germans who have specially allowed to stay at the Palma Beach Resort in Majorca.

But while Spain is struggling to preserve the major tourism industry from the threat of an empty year due to some coronavirus, feeling the opportunity to change the perception of Spanish holidays and start moving upmarket that has long been on the agenda.

Covid-19 seems to be accelerating towards less slotxo nightlife and more daytime experiences.

"We have already begun the process and it is irreversible," said Balearic's economic minister Iago Negueruela for labor and tourism.

"The pub will not open this year. We will no longer receive or endure tourism like that. Who will risk it for ourselves and others?"