We need clarity over face coverings in England - Labour

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We need clarity over face coverings in England - Labour

Message par mari123 » sam. 11 juil. 2020 07:55

The UK government should be clearer about its stance on face coverings, the opposition Labour Party has said.

Face coverings are currently compulsory on public transport in England, but not in shops. They’re advised to be worn in enclosed spaces where social distancing isn’t possible.

In Scotland - where the Scottish government is in charge of the face mask rules - coverings are required in shops and on transport.

On Friday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson was pictured wearing a face covering for the first time and said “we need to be stricter” in insisting people wear them in confined spaces.

The shadow health ministry said it pg needed a clear approach to his co-workers who are currently working on people who hear different messages from many different places.

Other politicians oppose the blindfold mask. Stefan Andrea Leadsom says she doesn't want any attacks, but everyone wants to know what to do.

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Re: We need clarity over face coverings in England - Labour

Message par jyclly » lun. 31 août 2020 08:21

The issue about this is really confusing to me. We all need to be protected especially when we are going out, so I hope the policy about face coverings will be implemented clearly and properly. Of course, not wearing masks is understandable if you're inside your house and none of your companions in the house are infected. These days, I rarely go out because I'm still afraid. I just play games to pass time such as pubg by pubg corp. I also recently discovered a new game that I am excited to try: https://pixelgun.onl/

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Re: We need clarity over face coverings in England - Labour

Message par MargarettHarber » mer. 24 mars 2021 14:40

This law had come into act after the English government had imposed lock down due to covid 19 pandemic. I read in one of the news journal from easy essay writer blog about this rule and they even gave instructions in what way we should be covering our face and what type of mask we should be using.