Coronavirus: Indian patient Covid-19 surges 1 million.

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Coronavirus: Indian patient Covid-19 surges 1 million.

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India has increased the number of cases of Covid-19 to nearly 35,000 in the last 24 hours, breaking a million records.

It has the world's third largest patient population after the United States and Brazil, which are the only three countries that can make more than a million cases of coronavirus.

India's use cases account for about one-third of the total due to high recovery rates and low virus death rates.

But death increased to 25,602. They are the eighth highest in the world.

The number of patients in India has increased almost every day in the last week. It surpassed Russia at the beginning of last month to rank third in the world's 168slotxo highest number of coronaviruses.

Although India confirmed the first case at the end of January. But the pandemic is still slow. Experts believe it has been sidelined as the government decided earlier in March to stop all international flights and enter a strict two-month break.

But the limitation comes from the devastating economic and human costs, and after India reopened in late June and testing increased, the number of patients increased.

Experts say that the capital city, Delhi, and some other states have effectively destroyed the opportunities they gain from locking in order to test, track and isolate.

While capital lands have seen a decline in the event that they continue to increase in other parts of India

The western state of Maharashtra is still the largest hotspot, with the highest number of cases - more than 280,000 - in every state.

But new potential hotspots are emerging because states in the south - Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh - and east - Bihar, West Bengal - record the rapid increase in the number of daily patients.

They responded with a local lock - the southern city of Chennai (Madras) had recently emerged from being locked and Bangalore in the south.

Although India is fully open for new services. But shutting down devices in the area periodically is likely to be a new normal when the country is fighting a pandemic.