India coronavirus: 'Our neighbors make us Covid-19 pariahs'

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India coronavirus: 'Our neighbors make us Covid-19 pariahs'

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Last week, a retired person living with his wife in Calcutta, eastern India (Formerly Calcutta) began to feel a fever with slight tension in his chest.

Satya Deo Prasad, 68, may have been infected by a visit to a local hospital for dialysis for his kidney failure.

His daughter, 1,900 km (1,180 miles) away in the town west of Pune, calls the Kolkata hotline to call an ambulance to pick up her father and take him to the hospital.

After three hours the ambulance arrived There was no caretaker and the driver was not far from the house of Mr. D.O. and refused to continue.

By phone, Alka Prasad asks the driver to pick up her father from home, telling him that her 62-year-old mother is not in a position to take him to the car. But to no avail

I will not touch Covid's 'body', the driver said smoothly. He must come out and walk into the ambulance.

The daughter was shocked, calling the hotline again, which sent the nurse again with the volunteers and picked Mr. D.O later that evening.

It took the whole day to take him to the hospital. The stigma was the main cause, Mrs. Prad told me.

With more than a million infections reported, India has loaded the world's third-largest case of Covid-19 when the virus spreading fear and humiliation will create wealth for the poor and spread 168slotxo throughout cities and villages.

Fear and shame have devoured us, said M Mitra, a Calcutta-based housekeeper whose father had tested positive for the disease.

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Re: India coronavirus: 'Our neighbors make us Covid-19 pariahs'

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Re: India coronavirus: 'Our neighbors make us Covid-19 pariahs'

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