Animal Party Slot Game Review

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Animal Party Slot Game Review

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Review of the Animal Party slot game, the game from SLOTXO, the most stylish game That is not a normal slot spinning Characteristics of the game design It comes similar to a roulette spin. Which is a circular and rotating table So slotxo that the arrows point different symbols Playing this game May not be very familiar with the gambler But the game is made to meet the standard Although not much is known about this game We would like to recommend You try to play it once. Read more Slot Game Review

Payout rate

The highest number of points in the game is a lion with a multiplication of 40, followed by a product of 35, 31, 20 and the lowest being 4 points. As I said at first, slots are quite computed games. difficult Because of that 1 slotxo spin, you will have more than one chance of winning, especially if you

Bonus games

Animal party game symbols are filled with many animals, including lions, zebras, birds, clowns, etc. The play style will spin like a roulette.
1. Win Bonus 1-11 Free Games, but if more bets are winning consecutively up to 41 or more, get a 100% reward.
2. The 2 or 3 times bonus is awarded only when the wager is made. Is the bet amount + payout rate, multiplier amount 2 or 3 times + amount obtained from the gamecock
3. If you get all four animal pictures, you will have a multiplier of 4 up to 46, if it is a red and black bet you will have a maximum of 8.
4. When the result is slotxo always out. In the event that a bet has not been placed Will return the amount that the bet is red and black But if it is a tie, the payback rate is bet.
5. Wild Animal Bonus Will be multiplied by the bet amount From three random four animals of the same kind Will be combined with the reward rate plus the amount received
** Color bonus will be multiplied by the bet amount, it will be 4 animals of the same color. Will receive the prize money as specified If winning must include the winning amount

Start dancing to play
+ Start from selecting the game machine Who want to participate in bets Then login There will be 30 seconds in the playing round.
+ Choose a bet by selecting the animal shape or color. Or you can choose slotxo to bet on black, red, if you want to see historical results, you can choose to look at the historical account.
+ In the case of canceling any bets Select the button to clear bet. Therefore press to confirm the decision again
+ After the system will randomly find the type of faith Will conclude that the outcome of the bet that wins If the player is on the right bet, they will receive money according to the payout rate. And the chosen animal will dance in the middle of the circle


In this game is different from other games in general. By letting you observe the following buttons and descriptions:
+ confirm is the button to confirm the bet when you place the chip. When you choose to bet, press confirm.
+ win will show the result and win rate for that particular turn.
+ total play is a screen showing the total results of the respective eye bets
+ Double is the button for our bet double slotxo chip, double every single press.
+ undo is a button for pressing back a bet. For example, bet on 10, if pressed, this group will return to 9 and decrease gradually according to the number we press.
+ Clear button for clearing coins, clear chips in case of placing too much bet
+ Unit button to increase and decrease the number of chips used to bet.
+ Board is a betting board.
+ History is the history and betting results of past games.
+ Time is the countdown seconds for the bet. Bet can be made at any time until the end of the round.
+ Credit is our remaining amount, it will show your current amount.

We have regular updates to the game. Many slotxo people say that the same game over and over will be boring or not. Of course, it must be boring without updates. But not for Slot We have regular updates every week. Recently, a new play mode was opened. Advanced player mode It is a bet with a high amount. Start betting at 45 GP each time for the bet line, I think I would like it. Big bets, the bonus is very heavy as well.

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