5 behaviors that hurt the skin Do not want to get old before age, should stop urgently

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5 behaviors that hurt the skin Do not want to get old before age, should stop urgently

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Born as a woman in beauty Especially about the shape and complexion always comes first. Because it is the part that people around you will see first Which you know that some behaviors you do regularly It can negatively affect the skin condition both directly and indirectly. Let's go over and see what those behaviors are.

1. Ignore the sunscreen.

Sunlight can be a serious damage to the skin. Because in addition to making the skin dull, it brings acne, freckles and dark spots. Also causes premature aging as well Not wearing sunscreen is like walking through soot without wearing shoes. Even if you let the time pass for a longer time The more you will encounter the following skin problems. Plus, they look older than their peers.

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2. Drinking too little water

Drinking less water will cause many systems Of the body does not work well enough As a result, there is a large amount of waste residue in the body. Which will cause the body to deteriorate Dry skin Not bright and easy to wrinkle, so turn to drink 8-10 glasses of clean water a day on a regular basis.

3. Little sleep

Lean sleep not only makes the body more vulnerable to various diseases, it also makes the skin look premature. Causes wrinkles and roughness easily, so should turn to bed and rest. By going to bed from 4pm because during which we slept The youthful substance is produced to revitalize the skin. Make your skin beautiful and bright There is no dullness after waking up.

4.Heavy drinking alcohol

Drinking too much alcohol causes the body to store fat in different parts. Especially in the abdomen Drinking alcohol also weakens the elastin on the skin. Plus hinder the production of collagen When collagen and elastin in the body are reduced. The skin is noticeably wrinkled. What follows are wrinkles, dull spots and dryness of the skin.

5. Exfoliate your skin often

Exfoliation should be done at most only once a week. In order not to be disturbed too much of the skin. Exfoliation Whether it's a scrub or a salt scrub These will have roughness, making the skin very weak and sensitive. Even if you are someone with sensitive skin, even more worrisome. Because instead of showing beautiful skin May become exposed to the skin of the sun, it is not.

And this is the behavior of harming your beautiful skin to break down as you unexpectedly want to have a healthy, beautiful skin. Far from aging wrinkles Have to turn to take care of themselves more Avoid such behavior Having the beautiful skin that you want is not too far away.